At Illuxtron International we work on finding and producing inventive lighting solutions that offer as much comfort and ease as possible without damaging the environment, every day. Many years of experience in product development results in a completely self-developed range of high-end luminaires.

During production we only use high quality materials. We test our products extensively and every detail has our attention. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients products that seamlessly meet or even exceed their expectations. Because production takes place in the Netherlands, we are able to monitor the production process closely, which means we can guarantee the highest level of quality. For that reason we can offer a warranty of 7 years. Each individual department in our company works closely together, allowing us to create a shorter delivery period than our competitors. All of the above makes Illuxtron International distinctively different from our competitors.  

Customer satisfaction and flexibility are our top priorities. We help our clients to find suitable lighting solutions and adjust our offers there where needed. Long term relationships with our clients is what we strive for. This results in a straightforward way of doing business. That is why you can rely on our service, integrity, professionalism and knowledge.

Illuxtron International wants to reward you with brightness by bringing new perspectives to light: today, tomorrow and beyond.